Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 439!

Troop 439 was formed in April 1951 by the United Methodist Men of St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Kensington MD. Since that time, more than 1,500 "T439" Scouts have participated in Troop activities designed to build Scouting skills, leadership experiences, and friendships. Over the years, T439 Scouts have participated in international and national Scouting Jamborees; Philmont backpacking treks; long-distance cycling trips; and weekend hiking, canoeing and camping trips. For more information, contact Scoutmaster Adam Sandman at pack478sandman@verizon.net

KVFD Open House - Sunday October 9th

Posted on Sep 25 2016 - 4:02pm

Hi Troop

Just a reminder that on Sunday October 9th, we have the KVFD volunteer Fire Department Open House. They have requested that all Scouts be dressed in Class A Uniforms.

Kensington Volunteer Fire Department – October 9th

We have been asked by the Kensington Volunteer Fire Department to help out with their open house on Sunday October 9th. Each of the patrols has been assigned a different time slot:

  • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Pandas
  • 12:00 – 1:00 PM: Huns
  • 1:00 – 2:00 PM: Lost
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM: Timber Wolves
  • 3:00 - 4:00 PM: Patrol X

The things we’ll be helping out with include:

  • Set Up activities: Set up tables, chairs in Butler building; set up Fire Safety House; Food and drink support to KVFD Auxiliary
  • Operations: Help with Fire Safety House Operation;
  • Close activities:  Misc closing activities

As always, if you cannot make your patrol’s timeslot (or you are in the Senior Patrol), please come any time that you are available, it will be greatly appreciated.

We’ll also need at least one adult leader and one other adult to be present during each time slot as well…



Troop Goals for 2016/2017

Posted on Sep 15 2016 - 9:35pm

At the most recent meeting of the Troop Leadership Council (TLC) the following goals were set for 2016/2017:

  1. All new Scouts should make 2nd Class by the end of the Year (before Goshen)
    • All Scouts should make Tenderfoot by December
  2. Retain 80% of current troop membership by the end of the year
  3. Take part in 3 service projects
    1. Sweep the creek / environmental project
    2. Kensington Volunteer Fire Department Open House
    3. One Other (e.g. Day of the Book)
  4. Take part in a High Adventure Outing next summer

Sign up for September Campout at Elk's Neck State Park - September 24th/25th

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 10:20pm

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, thanks to those who were able to help out with either (or both) the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and/or the Train Show Hot Dog Stand. Both were great successes from what I hear.

On the weekend of September 24th/25th we shall be having our Troop Campout to Elk’s Neck State Park (http://dnr2.maryland.gov/publiclands/Pages/central/elkneck.aspx)

Normally we do the sign up for campouts at the Monday Troop Meetings, but since there is no school or Scouts tomorrow and the campout is soon approaching, I am asking people (Scouts or parents) to sign up by email this time so that we can get an idea of the headcount as soon as possible.

The Activities will include:

  • hiking to the historic lighthouse
  • working on the patrol method for cooking
  • totin' chip and tenderfoot requirements
  • fire building competition
  • campfire program
  • fishing merit badge

We shall be meeting at 08:30am on Saturdayat the St. Paul's UMC Parking Lot to pack-out and depart to the campsite. Expected return time will be around 1-2pm on Sunday

If this is your Scout’s first campout with the troop, please review the equipment list in his Scout handbook or on our website: http://kensington439.mytroop.us/node/1070

There is no cost for this activity, so if they are interested in coming, please let me know the following:

  1. Scout’s Name
  2. Scout’s Patrol
  3. If you would be able to help out providing transportation to/from the campsite
  4. If the answer to question (3) is yes, would you like to camp overnight with us (vs. driving back the same day).

If you are unsure which patrol your son is in, we have a real-time online roster on our website: http://kensington439.mytroop.us/roster/scouts

Welcome Back to Troop 439 - Please Read

Posted on Aug 26 2016 - 5:44pm

I hope everyone had a great summer, filled with lots of fabulous, festive, funnel cakes and the other trappings of summer. With the start of school year upon us, we hope to have another great year of Scouting adventures.


Our first troop meeting will be on Monday, August 29th at the usual time (7:30pm) at St. Paul’s UMC in Kensington, MD. The meeting will cover the following:


-        Elections for Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader

-        Elections for other Troop Positions (Quartermaster, etc.)

-        “Do the Right Thing”

-        An exciting medley of games, most likely to include Dodgeball!


Please note, if you need a position of leadership for your next Rank, it is imperative that you attend this meeting. If you don’t attend, you won’t be able to take part in the elections and will have to wait until the next elections in January. Last year several Scouts didn’t realize and were disappointed, so I want to spell it out this time around.


Finally due to the expanding nature of our troop, we have decided to maintain the five patrols that we had at Goshen, so please read the list below to see which Patrol you will be in for the coming year:


Senior Patrol

-        Geertsema, Peter (SPL)

-        Hufford C, Brian

-        Norris W, Thomas

-        Priester, Connor

-        Sandman-Long, Aidan



-        Archeval, Luke

-        Brooks J, Benjamin

-        Cowen, Joseph A

-        Eisenberg, Charles B

-        Gori, John

-        Hawkins, Jackson

-        Lewis A, Erich

-        Lewis, Jason E

-        Martindill, Billy

-        Maxam, Luka D

-        Moreau, Lance A

-        Mozden, James H

-        Mueller, Matthew K

-        Penafiel P, Michael



-        Adrian, Dale P

-        Baker, Aaron

-        Blackmore W, James

-        Burke H, Connor

-        Conlan, Jason D

-        Echols, Daniel

-        Hillman, Nathan

-        Jackson, Nico

-        Krauze, Maxwell J

-        Lanzano, Anthony D

-        Laviolette N, Alexandre

-        Marroquin-Arjona, David

-        Maxam, Luka

-        Medvitz, Nicholas D

-        Miller, Colin E

-        Morrison, Spenser W

-        Patman-Clark, Aidan J

-        Rehfield, Aidan

-        Vojvodic, Philip W

-        Zennia, Adam J



-        Adikari R, Laviru

-        Cole, Ryan

-        Daggett, Samuel W

-        Fulton P, Thomas

-        Goldberg, Mason

-        Johnson, Mark A

-        Kabat, Patrick S

-        Leon, Cedric

-        Mejia, Isaiah

-        Mueller, Michael

-        Sana, Kobi

-        Weersingha P, Milidu

-        White, Ramsey A


Patrol X

-        Colladay, Stephen

-        Fitzmaurice, Peter

-        Joseph, Billy

-        Jung, Carson T

-        McCarthy, Brady

-        Millard, Matthew

-        Morris, Josh E

-        Paxton, Connell

-        Priester, Derrick M

-        Schulz, Owen A

-        Steen, Marcus A

-        Von Kerczek, Christian


Timber Wolves

-        Dorrien, Liam

-        Espinoza, Daniel

-        Geertsema, Ben

-        Henderson, Nathan

-        Isola M, Virgil

-        Johnson K, Daniel

-        Kilpatrick, Aidan

-        Lalley, Eamon A

-        Laufer, Jonas R

-        Meszaros, Johannes

-        Nickel, Brendan

-        Phillips, James C

-        Shchelokov, Ilya

-        Spire, Lee

-        Stephens, Thomas

-        Von Kerczek, Jack

-        White, James


Not Yet Assigned

-        Joncas, Jack

-        McDermott, Jack

-        Schine II, William

-        Tanzi, Christopher


See you on Monday night!

Camp Bowman Blog Day 6

Posted on Jul 23 2016 - 8:24am

It is with a wistful brush of my virtual pen that I must recant the last day of Camp Bowman, o how parting is such sweet sorrow. With our spirits dampened by the unchanging inspection score, we had a dinner of roast beast, of such succulent flavor that we could be living in the age of kings, made corpulent by the evil root vegetables and fine broth. This did raise our spirits for a time, but we were still downcast when we made our mournful meander down to flags.

Led by the valiant Tom Fulton, Troop 439 provided the campsite flag ceremony, lowering the Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia and US flags to the solemn tones of Mr. Fulton. Tim Carter, Eamon Lalley, Charlie Eisenburg, Brian Hufford, Lance Moreau, Alex DeTitta. Upon conclusion of the ceremony, “there was a shocking development” (please read that in the accent of Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear for full effect). Despite our middling score at inspection, due to our sparking personality, indomitable spirit, and perhaps in no small measure due to the outright bribery of the staff by our extravagant cracker barrels, we were awarded the “Troop of the Day Award”. With much cheering and the elevation of Master Geertsema to even higher heights we celebrated our unlikely victory and returned to Camp Scheirer jubilant and uplifted in mind, body and spirit.

However there was something fishy to this tail (not related to Connor Priester’s earlier efforts), Patrol X had embraced healthy living and had prepared a cornucopia of sushi and snow cones for the camp’s delectation. The staff of Camp Bowman arrived to regale themselves of this bountiful feast.

However the crackerbarrel made way for the consternation of Decision 2016. With camera crews descending and opinions pollsters spinning, we had the election of the new Senior Patrol, ably MCed by our very own Connor Burke.

Following some rather tedious speeches that we will not darken your spirits by repeating, the troop decided in its vicarious wisdom that the following persons were to be elected to be their overlords for the next 6 months:

  • Senior Patrol Leader – Peter “Finally I am in charge, bwaa haa haa” Geertsema
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders:
    • Tommy “keeping it savage” Norris
    • Connor “gone fishing” Priester
    • Brian “nothing ruffles me” Hufford
    • Aidan "Science Rules" Sandman-Long

After the election, the troop was so exhilarated that they promptly fell asleep (the 5 mile hike for the first years may have helped).

We roused the following morning at 6 am sharp, under the tutelage of our experienced outgoing senior patrol team, we hiked along a verdant yet rocky trail to ascend the 1800 feet to the garden of the gods overlooking Goshen Scout Reservation, we climbed to Viewing Rock, ate a continental breakfast, and yomped down the path to the final morning of merit badge mayhem.

Upon the conclusion of our merit badge classes, the troop had a carnivorous lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches sans lettuce and the troop had a well deserved siesta until the planned 3pm service project. With a heaviness of heart and emptiness of computer battery, I am signing off for the last time this summer as we conclude the Camp Bowman Blog 2016…

See y’all at Fairfax Government Center at 9:30am Saturday Morning…


Camp Bowman Blog Day 5

Posted on Jun 30 2016 - 3:30pm

With the end of siesta yesterday, we awoke from our slumber to a glorious afternoon with clear skies and bright exhilaration sunlight coursing through the campsite. The first year campers threw caution into the wind and embarked on an epic orienteering quest to navigate the outer reaches of Goshen Scout Reservation (or at least the trading post) with nothing but a trusty map and compass (and surreptitious copies of Google maps!) to aid them. The older Scouts took part in their afternoon merit badges, open boating and open shoot as well as myriad other activities.

Upon return to our campsite, the redoubtable runners relayed the relatively relaxed repast from the remote repository to our residential redoubt. The meal was to be casual Southern fayre, consisting of Virginia sliced ham, creamy macaroni and cheese, augmented with a mixed leaf (well 100% iceberg lettuce) salad and dressing hand picked from the aisles of CVS. The patrols cooked the meals with finesse and enthusiasm. Once the meals were cleared away, we attempted to replicate the training song from Mulan for our cheer, but were frustrated by lack of time and lyrics, but we vow to do better tomorrow.

Using our staple repertoire of cheers we headed down to flags, digeridoo in hand, making much noise and merriment along the way. Upon the conclusion of the flag ceremony we returned to the site where a carnival atmosphere prevailed – we had candy apples for cracker barrel, with some rolled in powdered sugar to give them the affectionate title of snowballs. To verify their benevolent nature we launched a few plus some remaining lettuce heads from our trusty catapult pioneering project.

Matt Mueller was the MC for the evening, we had our awards ceremony where the Huns patrol won the Patrol of the Day award for their exemplary meal preparation and schedule management throughout the day. The winner of the Scout of the Day was Max Krause (aided by Nicholas Medvitz) for his tenacious toilet cleaning services… Mr. and Mrs. Krause you may want to take note of this when he’s back from camp. Once the awards were giving, the CNN Situation Room descended on Camp Bowman as we began the nomination process for the Senior Patrol (aka Decision 2016).

The following Scouts were nominated for the illustrious role of Senior Patrol Leader:

-          Tommy “Second Term” Norris

-          Colin “The Change Candidate” Miller

-          Peter “I’m doing the job half the time anyway” Geertsema

-          Aidan “I’ll find the longest short-cut possible” Sandman-Long

Looking to assist our glorious leader in his time of need, the following Scouts were nominated to the role of Assistant Senior Patrol Leader:

-          Brian “No Drama” Hufford

-          Connor “I’ll get the reptiles vote” Priester

-          Tim “No one messes with me” Carter

-          Owen “Repeal Closed Toe Shoes” Schulz

-          Matt “Make Every Meeting Swimming” Mueller

-          Alex “This time I’m not missing the election” DeTitta

-          Patrick “The sleeper candidate” Kabat

With the nominations closed, MC Mueller wished the troop good night and we returned to our hammocks and patrol sites for a calm evening of slumber… During this slumber, Mr Isola and Geertsema (accompanied by Derrick Priester) sacrificed their tranquility to meander at midnight across the moonless sky to meditate on man’s place in the monstrous universe watching the Sagittarius arm of the majestic Milky Way galaxy yielding spectacular views of Scorpius, Sagittarius and Cassiopeia and the summer triangle (no relation to the Wheaton Triangle).

The evening proved to be a mite nippier than expected, with the cruel, cold weather freezing our nobblies, but we were not to be thwarted and we rose rapidly and smote the cold with our blazing fires of much wood and combustion. Upon these roaring fires we cooked a feast of champions yet fit for kings. T’was a banquet of farm fresh eggs gently scrambled whilst nestling on a bed of pink ham like substance and accompanied with bountiful quantities of hash browns.

The hearty breakfast was washed down with orange juice and coffee (for the adults). The morning proved to be a quiet and harmonious affair (in fact unusually harmonious, perhaps this is foreshadowing). The troop headed off yet again to their merit badge classes and first year program. During this time, Connor Priester, the angler the fish whisperer of Troop 439 managed to hook a “crappy fish” (yet that is its name) with chef Aidan and sous-chef Peter grilling the fish to perfection and consuming it forthwith.

For lunch we went cold turkey (boom boom) and had cold subs with chips and sadly no bug juice (shame we say). With the conclusion of lunch, the first years were assembled for the arduous trek of 5 miles distance, following the winding path to the PMI cub scout lair and other vistas unknown to us mere mortals (or me at least). Whilst the troop was taking part of their activities, we had the last inspection and like the American economy it remained flat with a score of 46/50, with a growth in some sectors and retrenchment in others. For future reference, Dutch ovens whilst black and round are not in fact trash cans.

With that melancholic results we sign off for today…

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